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At Spa-In, we believe getting a good understanding of the different working parts of your body is a good way to learn how to care for them and take a proactive approach to well being .

In 2008, Winnipeg resident Jarring Timmerman broke the world record at the Manitoba Masters Swim Championship at Age 100, and when asked what the secret to long healthy life is, he replied, "I call it 'GEDS.' Genes, exercise, diet and maintaining a good spirit, It works beautifully." Jared who doesn't drink or smoke, started swimming competitively at age 80.

The test you are about to take is called the Q-Gap assessment and has been taken by nearly 25000 people. It was created by Toronto's Scienta Health, a leader in tailored preventative Health Care Service and offers a relevant insight to each individual's current and potential health standing.

Like a lot well-developed surveys it does have it's limitations and should never be used in place of a doctor's visit. We at Spa-In did take this anonymous test and found the process at the very least, educative about the different working parts of the human health.

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